Friday, 4 June 2010

Pucon, Chile Part 3

Well a slight change of plans, we´ll be leaving tonight from Pucon to Santiago via bus (10 hours) and then getting a flight from Santiago to Beunos Aires tomorrow morning.  We stay in Pucon slightly longer than planned but arrive in BA at the same time (lol)

Yesterday the four of us went to visit a Mapuche family and we got to dress up in their clothes, ride their horse, eat their food and just hang out in their house with them drinking wheat coffee around a fire.  It was amazing!  Ruben´s dad is Mapuche, so he translate most of it and what he couldn´t he says in Spanish and then Phillipe translates into English . . . as you can guess conversations were a bit slow, but they were such friendly people.  Of course it´s set up for tourists (like us) but instead of having a group of 20 it was just the 4 of us with them.  Then we were suppose to have a BBQ, but it had rained heavily all day, so we went shopping for food (aka meat and potatoes) and Ruben cooked the whole meal, while I lay on the couch watching Beverly Hills 90210 (re-runs of what I use to watch in High School LOL)  Jo and Phillipe came over to eat as well.  Meals are eaten much later here, so we had dinner at 11pm so by time dinner was over and we were just relaxing in our living room, I fell asleep on the couch. 

When I woke this morning at 8.45am, I realised I had to shower, pack, clean the kitchen and catch the bus which was leaving at 10am.  So of course I jumped outta bed and raced to the shower, got dressed and started to pack and never even noticed that Ruben wasn´t sleeping anymore, so when I ran downstairs to start on the dishes I nearly fell over to see the whole kitchen and dinning room were completely cleaned up!  Then we got the knock on the door from Phillipe to say no bus, all that rushing around for nothing, but at least it´s all done now :-)

I got some good photos at the Mapuche village house and last night at dinner, but need an internet cafe where I can upload them.

Okay, off to get some lunch now . . . will try to write from Argentina soon


  1. well, at least you were saved a very long bus ride! Hope your connections all go well. Can't wait to see photos; but mainly, it'll be great to see YOU. It's been over 8 months. Love & hugs, Mommio

  2. good to keep up on the Sara! love DAD

  3. Wow, this is a really good idea- blogging about your round-the-world trip. You could make it a book when you're done!
    Hope you keep having fun!
    <3 Anya