Monday, 7 June 2010

Colonia, Uraguay

Sorry I wasn´t able to update from Beunos Aires because as it turned out I spent less than 24 hours there . . . I know some of you who have been there are now screaming at the computer screen because you told me BA was one of your favourite spots in all of South America, BUT such is life . . . I´ll just have to come back :-)  Jo & I chose to spend extra time in Pucon and miss out on time in BA and we´re both happy about our decision, no regrets.

We arrived into BA around half 2, were at the hotel by half 3, and eating Argentinian steak by half 4 - YUMMERS!!!!  In the evening we went to see a tango show & had an introductory level tango lesson.  We all thought we were doing amazingly well until later on when we saw the proffessionals, were we realised we have a lot to learn about tango!  We got back to the hotel around midnight from the tango show and went straight to bed.  Jo´s flight was at 11am the next morning and my ferry to Uraguay was leaving at 10am.

I arrived into Colonia, Uraguay around half 11, dropped my stuff off at the hotel and went to explore the marina area and find a spot for lunch.  I had a delicious salmon meal.  Then wondered around the town, saw the lighthouse, the city wall and gate, checked out a few touristy shops, and then decided to walk to the bull ring, which was opened in 1910.  The only problem with my lack of Spanish was that what I didn´t realise is that it´s not still open (lol), so after walking 5K down the beach to see this bull ring, you can´t go inside, you can only walk around the outside.  It´s still an interesting building and the weather was nice to be walking down the beach.  So around half 5 I turned around and started to head back to the city centre, enjoying the sunset as well.  At 8pm we went out to dinner for Brett´s birthday, but I was so full from my salmon lunch I just had a salad.

Today I´m heading to Montevideo, which is about a 3 hour bus ride from Colonia.  I´ll be there for about 2 days before heading north to Salto.  I am enjoying Uraguay so far, but I do miss my Pucon breakfasts!!

¿Hey anyone up for going to Chile in December or January to climb a volcano?  I´m thinking of it as a 33rd birhday present to myself . . . but I don´t want to go alone.  I know great cabins we can stay at and there are lots of other amazing things we can do in and around Pucon . . . think about it!

p.s. sorry for spelling errors, the spell check here is for spanish only!

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  1. fun report...i saw the bull ring in Portugal or Barcelona...the same way! glad you like Uraguay! Enjoy. Love DAD