Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ilha Grande, Brazil

A short 50 minute ferry ride from mainland Brazil and we arrived in Ilha Grande (Big Island for those of you who don't speak Portuguese).  We settled into our rooms and went to check out the pool, which turned out to be FREEZING cold!  So we decided to take a walk around the downtown & see what the beach had to offer.  At this point, I start to feel a bit headachey & sore throaty & over all just crappy, so after a short walk, I head back to the hotel & sit by the pool in the shade.  By dinner time I'm in bed, not hungry and just wanted to sleep until I'm better. 

The next morning our plan was to do the hike which goes to all the beautiful beaches, but I cannot even get out of bed.  So off they all went & I stayed in bed until around noon, when I got too hot & stuffy in the room, so I went back out to my shady chair next to the pool, which was great, cause nobody was there.  I even spent a bit of time dangling my feet in the freezing cold water, it made me feel a lot better.

That night I eat a little pizza, but was still not really hungry.  The next morning, I eat breakfast & went right back to my pool side shaded chair and relaxed.  Our 3rd day I was a bit more active and went looking in a few shops before the England match, but after it was over I went right back to bed.  On the 4th day, we went right to the ferry for a 9am departure and were picked up on the other end and drove to Rio!

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